Right Back At You

I recently got off the phone with my boyfriend and he relayed some unsettling news. Our friends Meg and Jarrod seem to be backing themselves into a corner that will soon leave them with no allies if they keep up this behavior.

Our friend Corey, who was once very close to Jarrod, says that lately whenever he can coax Jarrod to go out he is always quiet and withdrawn. He won’t open up to Corey about what could be bothering him and Corey is getting tired of trying. Then Meg is constantly trying to one-up everybody if someone’s complaining about something to try and make her situation worse. Both Meg and our friend Belle attend the same dance class, as well as had achey foots that day. The next time they saw each other Meg commented on how sore she was after that and Belle agreed, saying how hard it was to walk across her college campus. Apparently Meg had to get more sympathy votes because by constantly cutting her off and saying that she had to work at her store all day and couldn’t sit down, that Belle couldn’t possibly know what kind of pain that is.

And now my boyfriend tells me that after attending Jarrod’s 23rd birthday, Meg calls him and says that my boyfriend acted distant and that he looked like he would rather be doing something else, acting very nonchalant. She also went on to say that Jarrod was upset because people were out of town or couldn’t make it to his party, while everyone made it to mine the week before and made a big deal out of it.

First off it was my 21st birthday and eveyone makes a biggie about that age. Second, I’m living out of town for college for the first time and drove back to see all my friends for the last time until Thanksgiving. Third, unlike Jarrod I’d called and arranged my party plans at least a week in advance to give people warning. He called people the day of and said they were going to a karaoke bar.

While Meg was debasing my boyfriend over the phone he continuously apologized for his demeaner upsetting Jarrod and that he didn’t realize he was doing that. Then Meg snaps at him and says that he’s acting high and mightier ever since he got back from his internship this summer, and said that they wouldn’t be coming to game night at my boyfriend’s apartment that week because they were feeling ostracized from the group. He began to apologize again and she cut him off saying that he needed to stop sounding so sincere when he apaologized………WHAT?!

What I want to know from Meg is that for someone who claims to be so intune with how others are feeling, if my boyfriend looked distant why not ask why and find out what’s wrong instead of chewing his head off later? My boyfriend grew up in a Mormon household and isn’t used to a bar atmosphere (where the karaoke was held) which probably explained his behavior.

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The Situation So Far Is……

As you may or may not know, my grandmother’s mind has begun slipping over the past year. She turned 78 this month and in January she will be taken to the doctor to be tested to make sure she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s disease or something.

This in no way has affected her ability to smart mouth the rest of us or has given her immunity from threats to end her life. Most of them come from my uncle, who lives with and takes care of her. I like to think that I’m one of the few grandchildren who’s avoided being physically mauled by him.

But to his credit what he did to my cousins was a complete accident……

Grandchild #1 was a newborn when the handle of his baby carrier broke while my uncle was holding it. This caused my cousin to fly out and roll out of his swaddled blanket like a toilet roll on the sidewalk. My uncle hurridly rolled him back in and put the carrier back together and carried on walking. My mom and aunt saw the whole thing from an apartment balcony and encored the performance by laughing

Grandchild #2 was roughly 10 or 11 when my uncle told him that if he and his brother didn’t behave in the car he would burn them with the cigarette lighter. Not knowing that my aunt had turned the lighter on, my uncle took it and pressed it quickly against my cousins shoulder a few times to scare him. My aunt returned to the car 5 minutes later to see my cousin in tears, my uncle several shades whiter, and Grandchild #1 screaming that my uncle didn’t mean it

Grandchild #3 and 4 are me and my brother.

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Christmas Lights

Last Wednesday some of my friends and I went to see the publically displayed Christmas lights in a park nearby. It was so cold most of us almost opted out of walking through and wanted to drive. Our friend Jeddy, after calling us wusses, convinced us to walk through the park.  We went on the walking paths and climbed on the rocks and Christmas sleighs, but our friend Hannie hurt her knee so she was slow in keeping up with us.

I had to borrow my moms car because mine was in a junkyard courtesy of being sandwiched between a jeep and pedo van. It’s big enough to fit more people but we couldn’t stuff people in open air trunk because my grandmother’s wheelchair was in the back. When asked why it was there with me I said, “Well, if we leave it with her then she’ll just use it to escape.”

They think I’m kidding, but her legs have gotten better while her mind has started to crumble, and she made it half a block just by using her cane.

After the lights we went to Steak n Shake but Meg’s fiance Jarrod couldn’t eat because he had the root of a tooth removed. He could only drink liquids but not out of a straw because the sucking potion could pop his stitches. It was only yesterday that he could eat solid foods again.

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Hello world!

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