Christmas Lights

Last Wednesday some of my friends and I went to see the publically displayed Christmas lights in a park nearby. It was so cold most of us almost opted out of walking through and wanted to drive. Our friend Jeddy, after calling us wusses, convinced us to walk through the park.  We went on the walking paths and climbed on the rocks and Christmas sleighs, but our friend Hannie hurt her knee so she was slow in keeping up with us.

I had to borrow my moms car because mine was in a junkyard courtesy of being sandwiched between a jeep and pedo van. It’s big enough to fit more people but we couldn’t stuff people in open air trunk because my grandmother’s wheelchair was in the back. When asked why it was there with me I said, “Well, if we leave it with her then she’ll just use it to escape.”

They think I’m kidding, but her legs have gotten better while her mind has started to crumble, and she made it half a block just by using her cane.

After the lights we went to Steak n Shake but Meg’s fiance Jarrod couldn’t eat because he had the root of a tooth removed. He could only drink liquids but not out of a straw because the sucking potion could pop his stitches. It was only yesterday that he could eat solid foods again.

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