The Situation So Far Is……

As you may or may not know, my grandmother’s mind has begun slipping over the past year. She turned 78 this month and in January she will be taken to the doctor to be tested to make sure she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s disease or something.

This in no way has affected her ability to smart mouth the rest of us or has given her immunity from threats to end her life. Most of them come from my uncle, who lives with and takes care of her. I like to think that I’m one of the few grandchildren who’s avoided being physically mauled by him.

But to his credit what he did to my cousins was a complete accident……

Grandchild #1 was a newborn when the handle of his baby carrier broke while my uncle was holding it. This caused my cousin to fly out and roll out of his swaddled blanket like a toilet roll on the sidewalk. My uncle hurridly rolled him back in and put the carrier back together and carried on walking. My mom and aunt saw the whole thing from an apartment balcony and encored the performance by laughing

Grandchild #2 was roughly 10 or 11 when my uncle told him that if he and his brother didn’t behave in the car he would burn them with the cigarette lighter. Not knowing that my aunt had turned the lighter on, my uncle took it and pressed it quickly against my cousins shoulder a few times to scare him. My aunt returned to the car 5 minutes later to see my cousin in tears, my uncle several shades whiter, and Grandchild #1 screaming that my uncle didn’t mean it

Grandchild #3 and 4 are me and my brother.

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